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This hotel complex offers numerous shopping arcades and restaurants on multiple levels, so you can spend hours strolling through shops and discover exquisite dining. As a modern landmark of Chongqing, the building is impressive with its rather garish appearance. Nevertheless, you should not miss the incredible selection of souvenir shops, food stalls and really high-class restaurants. Visiting a Hongyadong restaurant is a special treat, especially at night when the bright lights come on and offer a beautiful view of the Jialing River.

Hongyadong in Chongqing

Of the numerous terraces in Hongyadong, wonderful views of the opposite side of the river can be enjoyed from the Chongqing Grand Theatre (in green) and the Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, which is hidden in this view behind the new Qiansimen Bridge. Since several buildings are being built around this area, referred to as the Central Park, this view in November 2012 will surely change in the near future.

View towards the Qiansimen Bridge in Chongqing

Hongyadong is bustling with activity, since the many restaurants and stores attract both the local population as well as tourists.

Terraces in Hongyadong

Its gigantic proportions can only be appreciated when viewed from below:

Hongyadong in Chongqing

Not all of the shop spaces were occupied during our short visit to the lowest floor, but an extension of Hongyadong below the main road is already being planned.

Hongyadong Chongqing by day

This is how the complex appears later in the evening:

Hongyadong Chongqing by day

A great advantage for tourists is that with so many restaurants and shops, there is something for every interest and taste. For example, for those who shy away from the spicy dishes of Sichuan cuisine, very good restaurants that serve Cantonese and Western cuisine can also easily be found in Hongyadong.

How to get there

Take the CRT Line 2 to the Linjiangmen Station, from which it is a 10-minute walk. Other attractions in the vicinity are the People's Liberation Monument, the Luohan Temple, and Chaotianmen.