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Chongqing Zoo

重庆动物园, (重慶動物園, Chóngqìng dòngwùyuán)

Even a brief visit to the zoo in Chongqing is worthwhile because you can observe many pandas at close quarters, while in Sichuan they are nearly extinct in the wild. An early start is necessary if you wish to see the Panda feeding at 9 am. However, this is also when most of the rest of the tourists will be present.

A large panda consumes 20-30 lb. of bamboo per day:

Giant Panda in Chongqing Zoo

The young animals especially enjoy a great deal of attention:

Feeding of a small Panda in Chongqing

The animals are really very cute:

Cute small giant panda

A family of red pandas live in an adjoining building:

Red Panda in Chongqing Zoo

As the panda enclosure is located near the entrance, most tourists just watch these animals for 30 minutes and then leave the zoo. We were at the zoo for several hours, but found that the other animals occupy rather cramped enclosures, which one is reluctant to capture in a photo. For visitors from the Temperate Zone, it will seem unusual to have tropical fish in an aquarium in the open:

Tropical fishes in the Chongqing Zoo

How to get there

Take the CRT Line 2 to the Dongwuyuan station, from which it is a 5-minute walk.